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Group Exercise Classes

New Group Exercise Schedule as of 5/26/17 

Free Classes 
Pass required - Class size restricted.  Pick up pass up to 30 minutes before class.
Core work and More...
Stretch, lengthen, and strengthen
Focusing on total body strength and 
including pilates and yoga core work.
 These exciting classes incorporates
stability balls, 
Bosu trainers, and
our state of the art gravity machines.  

Fusion of Yoga & Pilates principles.  
Stretch and strengthen the body
with a focus on core muscles.
 Finish with relaxation exercises that
leave you soothed and refreshed.
 Focus on alignment with gentle
steady flow.  Gain strength,
balance, and serenity as 
you experience this unique 
approach to the mind/body

No Pass required   
Athletic Yoga
 Be prepared to sweat in this
athletic based mind/body class,
improving more than just
flexibility and balance. Focus on
functional movement,
involving multiplanar,
multi-joint movements which place
demand on the body's core
 Basic Middle Eastern dance technique.
No dance experience necessary.
 Something new each time.  
Speed training, agility,
balance, strength and
maybe even a little boxing.
 Class is guaranteed to have
your heart rate up in the 
first 5 minutes of class
through Plyometrics, Kickboxing 
and Calisthenics.
 Creative and Fun workout
alternating between cardio
drills and strength training intervals.
This overall body training session
is designed to burn the maximum amount 
of calories.
This non-stop workout will create
a leaner, stronger and
more flexible body.  Something
new and exciting EVERY class!
Cycle Fit  
 An intense workout for the
entire torso, this class focuses on
toning and strengthening the
body's core abdominal and back 
muscles.  This class is only
25 minutes long and a great
warm up for chisel or spin.
 The ultimate "spinning" class for everyone.
It's a fun, challenging, low-impact workout
that helps you achieve results!
HIIT class is a total body,
heart pumping, aerobix &
strength conditioning workout.  

Inside Out Core  
A new approach to CORE training.
Learn how to work the deep
abdominal muscles in unique ways.
Discover Nia - ONE practice that offers:
The Joy of dance, the flexibility of yoga,
the mindfulness of meditation, the power of
martial arts, the core strength of Pilates
and so much more. 
Exercises in this class are
based upon strengthening the
"core" muscles while
increasing flexibility in the legs,
arms and smaller supporting 
muscle groups.
Power Ball
 A full body workout with
emphasis on CORE muscles.
Light weights, bands and your
body weight will be used to gain
muscular strength.
Get Up & Go with an aerobics class
that’s safe, heart-healthy& gentle
on the joints.  The workout includes
easy-to-follow low-impact movement,
& upper-body strength, abdominal conditioning,
stretching & relaxation exercises
designed to energize your active lifestyle. 
Combine fun with fitness to increase
your cardiovascular and muscular
endurance power with a standing
circuit workout. Upper-body strength work
with hand-held weights, elastic tubing
with handles, and a SilverSneakers ball is
alternated with non-impact aerobic choreography.
Standing class only.

  Step & Sculpt 
Have fun and move to the music
through a variety of exercises designed
to increase muscular strength,
range of movement and activities
for daily living. Hand-held weights,
elastic tubing with handles and
a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. 
Silver Sneakers Yoga will move your
whole body through a complete
series of seated and standing yoga poses.
Chair support offered to safely perform a
variety of postures designed to increase
flexibility, balance and range of movement.
Restorative breathing exercises
and final relaxation will promote
stress reduction and mental clarity.
Intervals of Cardio & Strength
Interval training cycles of 20 seconds
of maximum intensity exercise, followed
by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without
pause 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

A hip swinging, booty shaking fun way to
a great total body workout. Incorporates
salsa, samba, meringue, hip hop and
African rhythms.

Aquatics Classes
Aqua Movement
 This class is designed to
the rate at which you
metabolize oxygen, improve
swimming efficiency, tone your entire
body and can help you lose weight
without putting excess stress on
your joints.
Held in the shallow water
for participants who are seeking
a less intense workout. Classes
 will use the water's natural resistance
to increase muscular strength,
endurance, flexibility and
cardiovascular efficiency with
reduced stress on joints. 
 Thanks to the resistance of the water
every, salsa, merengue, and reggae step 
takes a bit more effort, which helps
work your muscles even harder!  The
dance combinations are a bit slower than
the ones you do in the original class
but the energy is just as high!
Deep Water Fusion Water Exercise for Arthritis
Deep Water Fusion offers an
opportunity to exercise without
impact and provides participants
with high-intensity training through
a variety of movements.  
Activate your aquatic urge for
variety!  Silversplash offers fun
shallow water movements to improve
agility, flexibility and cardiovascular
endurance.  No swimming ability is
required, and a special SilverSneakers
kick board is used to develop strength,
balance and coordination. 
This shallow water exercise class is
specifically designed for people
with arthritis.  The focus is on
stretching and strengthening muscles
without stressing the joints. 
Wet Workout    
 This class utilizes the resistance of
water to increase cardio respiratory
strength and endurance, while 
maintaining joint flexibility through the 
use of water fitness equipment
and the noodle at the end of class.

Fee based, 3rd Party Fitness Classes
Total body conditioning program
that will help you feel great, look
terrific, and bring new energy to
your life.  Combines the art of
jazz dance with the beat of today's
hottest music to make it fun! 
 A traditional martial arts class
for the serious student.  Open to all 10+.
Self defense and a great workout.