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Meet our Trainers

Kerry Engle

Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Senior Training, Gravity Training

Amy Zick

Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Senior Training, Gravity Training

Stacey Alexander

Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Endurance Training

Brent Hill

Specialties: Strength & Conditioning,
Weight Training,
Sports Specific Training,

Chris Walsh

Specialties: Novice Training, Returning to Exercice, General Strength and Conditioning

Jen Honen

Specialties: Weight Loss,


Clayton Rosen 

 Specialties:  Weight Loss, Muscle Gain,        Endurance Training, Balance/Mobility Training




Jon Green

Specialties:  Sports Specific Training, Extreme Endurance Events, Professional Fitness Exams(fire/police)





Jim Lockman

Specialties: Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Core Training, Functional Training


Eileen Hurley


 Jared Rosenberg

Specialties: Sports Nutrition, Sports Training, Strength Training