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Exploring Opera

Presented by the OMJCC / National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance.

To “meet” instructor James Sokol and hear about his opera programs, click here

Exploring Opera: Set in Spain on Wednesday, October 13 from 4-5:30pm (ET) on Zoom 

Spain’s rich history, its constant struggle for power, clashes between church & state, lively dance rhythms, and colorful characters have offered endless inspiration for opera composers to write splendid music and librettists to write riveting dramas. Since Sevilla-set operas were the topic of a recent class, this time, join James Sokol for a discussion & journey through video performance clips of operas set in other regions of Spain.  Come for the arias; stay for the fun!  Order before 10/11 for “Early Bird” prices!  For details & tickets, click here. 

Exploring Opera: Witches, Ghosts, Demons & Devils on Wednesday, October 27 from 4-5:30pm (ET)  on Zoom 

18th and – with the rise of the Romantic Period – especially 19th century opera are filled with characters & references to the supernatural. With Halloween around the corner, join James Sokol for an eerie, magical and soaring musical journey through highlights of operas that include otherworldly figures. Order before 10/25 for “Early Bird” prices!  For details & tickets, click here. 

Exploring Opera: Paris’ Opera Houses & Premieres on Three Thursdays, November 4th, 11th & 18th from 4-5:30pm (ET) on Zoom 

During the 19th century, Paris was known as the cultural capital of Europe, due in large part to its many opera houses & theaters. In this special mini-series, join James Sokol to learn about and enjoy highlights of selected works which premiered at some of the city’s most important theaters.

  • The Opera de Paris (Nov 4) 
  • The Opera Comique (Nov 11) 
  • The Théâtre Lyrique & the Théâtre-Italien (Nov 18) 

This special mini-series is filled with glorious arias, fabulous singers, and gorgeous music; a great series for opera newcomers & the long-time fans.  Come for the songs; stay for the fun!  For details & tickets, click here.  

The Albany JCC offers in person and virtual programs for adults and senior adults! 

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