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Exploring Opera

Presented by the OMJCC / National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance.

Sensational Seville: Monday, January 25, 2021 from 4:30 - 6:00 pm (EST) on Zoom

The glorious capital of Andalusia is the setting of more than 100 operas! Of course, there’s Rossini’s famous The Barber of ________ (can you fill in the blank?) with its sparkling vocal fireworks, but there are other works - some very famous, some lesser-known gems - by Bizet, Mozart, Verdi, and others with equally beautiful music.

Join popular San Francisco Bay Area opera appreciation instructor & Trip Leader James Sokol for an operatic journey though Seville, seeing the actual (or supposed) sites of a few of the works' settings and basking in video performance clips of some of these musical masterpieces! This is a wonderful series for the opera newcomer & the long-time fan!

Save! Purchase "Early Bird" or "Advance" tickets before the increase to regular pricing!

Tickets* & Notes:

Early Bird Ticket: $12.50 - available until noon (PST) on Mon, Jan 17.

Advance Ticket: $15 - available until noon (PST) on Sun, Jan 24.

Regular Ticket: $20 - available until 9:30am on Mon, Jan 25.**

*All tickets are 1) are per device, not per person on Zoom, and 2) are non-refundable & non-exchangeable.

** Tickets are not available after 9:30am (PST) on Mon, Jan 25.

Click here to purchase your ticket. A percentage of each ticket sale supports the Albany JCC. 

 The Divas: Thursdays, February 4-25 from 4-5:30pm (EST) on Zoom

“Diva” strikes excitement in some, fear in others. Regardless, an opera diva usually has an exceptional voice. Some are legendary; others almost forgotten. Join popular San Francisco Bay Area instructor James Sokol to discover some of these great ladies. Learn about their backgrounds and experience their brilliance through performance videos. Hear the variations among the female vocal ranges – soprano, mezzo, contralto. Bask in the glory of gorgeous voices and repertoire.

Don’t miss this series, terrific for opera newcomers and long-time fans!

The Instructor:

James Sokol started in the opera world under the leadership of Beverly Sills at New York City Opera. After working on projects with the Opera Company of Philadelphia while in graduate school, Sokol moved west to work at San Francisco Opera. He is a former Executive Director of Pocket Opera and a Founding Member of the Singers Development Foundation. He has been teaching throughout the SF Bay Area for over 25-years. He is also the Director of the National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance and of the Kurland Center for Adult Learning & Living at the Osher Marin JCC (San Rafael, CA).

Tickets & Notes:

Series Tickets: $50/Series of 4-classes (re: $12.50/class).

"Give-us-a-Try" Tickets: $12.50 for the first class only. Check us out by giving our first class a try. Single tickets are not available to subsequent classes; unfortunately, single tickets cannot be credited toward series purchase.

Tickets: All tickets are 1) are per device, not per person on Zoom, and 2) are non-refundable & non-exchangeable.


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