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Opposition to Nazi Rule in Experience and Memory on Tuesday, April 6th at 4pm

The University of Michigan’s Frankel Center for Judaic Studies hosts Professor Mark Roseman of Indiana University Bloomington, author of “Lives Reclaimed: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany,” for this online presentation, in partnership with the Ann Arbor JCC.

The rescue that we know is the rescue of memory. Driven by the search for heroes and “righteous gentiles,” and relying on interviews, conducted decades after the event, the public commemoration and the academic scholarship of rescue have been largely oblivious to the ways in which the experience of rescue  has been refracted and reworked in postwar memory. Using the remarkable archive of the League of Socialist Life, this talk seeks both to understand the wartime experience of helping Jews and to historicize the postwar remembrance of resistance and rescue. Click here to register for the zoom link.