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Music & Morsels: the Voice of the Cello on Wednesday, June 15 from 4-5pm (ET) on Zoom 

 Bring a cup of coffee/tea & pastry or create a wine/cheese happy hour and take a front row seat at your computer for a live, classical concert, followed by Q&A with the artist. 

An especially versatile instrument, the cello is equally at home blending into large ensembles or singing out as the lead voice in a group. But in this program, we get to hear the cello's voice all on its own. 

Join host Sean Fitzgerald to embark on a musical journey with Cellist James Jaffe, who guides us on a unique path through J.S. Bach's foundational works for the instrument, and then shows us how the cello's voice developed in the hands of twentieth and twenty-first century masters Gaspar Cassadó and Chinary Ung. 

🎫 Purchase tickets here. Early bird ends 6/13