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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a member of the Sidney Albert Jewish Community Center?

Yes. The SAAJCC membership is open to the entire community regardless of age, race or religion.

How long is my SAAJCC membership effective?

Your SAAJCC Membership is will renew automatically and requires you to provide 30 days notice to terminate.

What credit cards does the SAAJCC accept?

The SAAJCC accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

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What happens when my membership comes up for renewal?

All memberships will automatically renew at prevailing rates on the anniversary of your join date. Payments will be debited from a checking account or charged to a credit card each month. All members paying in full must send in payment for membership upon receipt of their annual JCC statement. Payments can be made using a check or credit card.

Can I move between membership levels?

Members may change their membership at any time by contacting our Membership Director. 

Does the SAAJCC have a privacy policy?

Yes, the SAAJCC is committed to protecting your personal information from misuse.  

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