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Mandala Workshop with Susan Togut

Thursdays, 7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/29, 8/5 from 1-3pm on Zoom* 

Mandalas are sacred circles, created by cultures around the globe over the centuries, as symbols of spiritual transformation, self expression, personal or communal growth, wholeness and wellness. They can be focused on any theme or intention, to become beautiful works of art that bring joy, peace, protection and renewal to creators and viewers. This series focuses on the creation of dimensional mandalas using diverse natural and man-made materials. A cumulative, heartwarming process will propagate grounding and wellness within individuals as the group process builds communal support and inspiration. Sessions will include centering exercises with meditation, poetry, music and journaling. Participants will share their work and respond to the work of others.

Instructor, Susan Togut is a public and gallery artist who has worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in diverse educational, community and healthcare settings. She has worked with mandalas for years, creating her own and facilitating others in creating theirs. She has also created contemplative mandala environments.

*Karen Levine will be providing technical support throughout each session on zoom.  

Supplies for the first class: Black Art Paper 9 x 12 inches (available for pick-up at the Albany JCC) and Prismacolor colored pencils or similar.  

Cost: $150 for JCC Members & Guests.  Minimum 15 participants.  Click here or call 518-438-6651 to register.  Please email for more information.