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Corporate Membership

What is Corporate Membership?

Corporate Membership at the Albany JCC creates a partnership between you, your employees and the Albany JCC, giving them the opportunity to use all of our facilities all year long. 

Becoming a Corporate Member is easy!!

There are three ways to become a Corporate Member at the Albany JCC, and the company purchase plan offers the greatest savings. 

Your employees enroll with no out-of-pocket expenses.  Your company will be invoiced for the total number of memberships and it can either absorb the full cost or deduct a portion of the fee from the employee's paycheck.  If the company assums the cost, the membership belongs to them.  If the employee leaves, the remaining time can be transferred to another employee.  The rate is guaranteed for one year.
5-50 Employees 20% off regular rates
51 and over employees 25% off regular rates


Company is invoiced on a monthly bases for employee dues.
5-50 employees 15% off regular rates
51 and over employees 25% off regular rates


Group Rates require a minimum of 5 new members during an open enrollment and are open for a maximim of 30 days.
5+ employees 10% off regular rates

 How do I sign my company up?

Contact Derrick Raeder, General Manager of Health and Wellness, at 518-438-6651 x 123 or e-mail . We'll walk you through the process, schedule an on-site or open enrollment event to kick off the program, and start your employees on the road to better health.  It's a win-win for both of you and will make your whole company stronger in every way.


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