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Jillian Mertzlufft



“Healthy” is a lifestyle choice made daily.  Balance, knowledge, and attitude are the three key factors. Learning to exercise and finding balance in life is one of the most important lessons for success.


  • Weight Loss
  • General Health
  • Fitness With Aging
  • Land and Aquatic Fitness

Jillian is a graduate public health student who started her career in general health in which transformed into personal training and group exercise classes. She believes in health and fitness as a balance between physical, mental and social wellness. She believes the client shapes the program instead of the program shaping the client. Jillian will work with you to develop a healthy workout and mindset that is gravitated towards your ideal fitness. 

Certifications and Degrees

  • American Fitness Institute – Personal Trainer
  • Public Health B.S.
  • Chemistry B.A.
  • Masters in Public Health – In Progress