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What are the JCC Maccabi Games/Arts Fest?

The JCC Maccabi Games are an international Olympic style sports and social event for teenagers between the ages of 13-16.
The Games unite Jewish teens, representing JCCs from all over the country and the world, for a week of competition in team and individual sports, social activities, strengthening of Jewish identity, and cultural programming. Drawing inspiration from the World Maccabiah Games, the premier event for Jewish teen and adult athletes held every four years in Israel, the underlying premise of the Games is that athletics provides successful, useful framework for enriching the Jewish identity of our young people.
By providing an opportunity for Jewish teenagers from small and large Jewish communities around the world to get acquainted both on and off the playing field, the Games demonstrate that indeed, Klal Israel, 'All Israel is One.'

A Taste of the Games

Since the Games inception in 1982 as a pilot project of the Memphis JCC, the Maccabi World Union and the U.S. Committee Sports for Israel (now Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel), the Games have exploded into the single largest program for Jewish teens in the world. Through the year of 2002, over 48,000 Jewish teen athletes have participated in the Games which were first hosted by Memphis (1982). The Games are held in multiple cities every summer and run from Sunday through Friday in a given city. Over the years, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Venezuela have sent delegations to many of the above Games.
The Sidney Albert Albany JCC has been participating in the Games since 2003. In 2005 we combined with the Schenectady JCC and created a joint delegation. We have sent delegations to the following cities:
- 2003 St. Louis, MO 10 Athletes
- 2004 Greater Washington (Rockville, MD) 12 Athletes
- 2005 San Antonio, TX 24 Athletes
- 2006 Stamford, CT 13 Athletes
- 2007 Houston, TX 12 Athletes
- 2008 Detroit, Michigan 14 Athletes
- 2009 Westchester, NY 14 Athletes
- 2010 Richmond, VA 17 Athletes
- 2011 Philadelphia, PA 18 athletes
- 2012 Rockland, NY 19 athletes
- 2013 Orange County, California 15 athletes
- 2014 Cherry Hill, NJ 18 athletes
-2015 Dallas, TX 16 athletes

-2016 Stamford, CT 19 athletes, 2 artists
-2017 Capital Region, NY 47 athletes, 5 Star Reporters

-2018 Orange County, California 19 athletes, 1 artist
-2019 Detroit, Michigan - 12 athletes, 2 artists
-2020 PACE University, NYC!

JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® is a weeklong arts experience for creative Jewish teens ages 12-17, featuring workshops in a variety of specialties with some of the leading artists in each field and incorporating community service, social activities, and themes of Jewish heritage, community, and Israel. ArtsFest offers artists the opportunity to partake in intimate master classes during the day and party at the largest Jewish teen block party at night. The program culminates in an exciting final showcase, where each specialty will have the opportunity to share their creations with fellow ArtsFest and Games participants and invited guests.

For information, contact Andrew Katz,
at 518-438-6651, ext. 113 or