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Specialty Camps at the JCC



Specialty Camps at the JCC - click here for Brochure and Registration Form!

This summer we have partnered with some amazing community and national organizations to offer a variety of specialty camp options suited to fit everyone’s curiosity. From specialized sports camps and fashion design to scuba diving and drone flying, we have it all!

Times for Specialty Camps: Full Day* - 9:00am - 4:30pm ⋅ Half Day Morning - 9:00am - 12:00pm ⋅ Half Day Afternoon - 1:00pm - 4:30pm**

*some full day camps have recreational swim from 3pm - 4pm each day (Circus, British Sports, Soccer)
*If you sign up for 2 half day options - morning and afternoon during the same session we will provide coverage during for lunch from 12pm - 1pm*
**If program ends at 4pm, JCC staff will provide coverage until 4:30pm**

Cost: EBMR = Early Bird Member Rate (3/1 - 4/30)/ MDR = Member Discount Rate (5/1 - Camp)/ RR = Regular Rate (3/1 - Camp)

Half Day: $225/$240/$270

Full Day: $305/$325/$355

AFTERNOON POST CAMP at the JCC (offered Weeks 8 & 9): $90/$105/$135


Mad Science 

Mad Science camps offer a daily combination of in class discovery and exploration, outdoor games and physical activities, and hands - on applications of the scientific principles presented. Campers create, build and assemble a variety of take-home projects while exploring how science affects the world around us.

Sessions offered:

August 19-23 - Half Day Morning (7 - 12 year olds) - 3...2...1 Blast Off! - This action packed week focuses solely on rockets and rocket flight. Learn about model rocket design, building, aerodynamics, propulsion, launching, safety, recovery, and repair. Take part in daily launches. Take home your own rockets and an abundance of model rocket knowledge.

           Week 9 –  Half Day Morning (6-11 year olds) - Camp Eurekacampers will learn about and build inventions from Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Rube Goldberg. One day will be a Science Fiction study from Jules Verne and George Lucas!

           Week 9 – Half Day Afternoon (3-5 year olds) - Welcome to “The Garden” - five-session preschool camp offers young children (ages 3-5) an exciting introduction to basic environmental science. Each session is devoted to different aspects of the garden, allowing children to progressively enrich their understanding of how living things grow and how they interact with the environment around them. During the course of each three-hour session, children will perform hands-on experiments, play themed games, and enjoy a snack and story related to the session’s themes. A mural will grow through the course of the program as children illustrate their latest discoveries at the close of each session.


Club Scientific 

Club Scientific introduces campers to the fun of science through hands-on interactive experiments, adventures and entertainment. Campers experience how science stuff works in the real world - presenting programs in a nurturing, encouraging environment where campers build self- esteem with learning.

Sessions offered:

July 29-August 2 - Half Day Morning -  (6 - 11 year olds) - Lego Robotics with BOOST - With Legos the possibilities are endless. This camp is filled with ideas to spark your child’s imagination. Young engineers will learn to build and code with Build and code with Lego 2.0 and BOOST. Campers will build machines and cars that move and customize their own personal talking robot friend, code its behavior and complete fun activities. Their robot will interact with them. When they speak to their Lego robot creation and it will respond with facial expressions that reflect its mood. The sky is the limit in this camp.


Kidz Art kidz art

Sessions offered:

           July 29-August 2 – Half Day Afternoon  (6-11 year olds) - Paint-a-palooza - Join Kidz Art for a full week of painting.  Have a kid that loves to paint?  Want to build on your painting skills and explore new mediums?  This is the camp for you!  Throughout the week we will explore different mediums from acrylics and watercolor to water soluble graphite. Campers will learn a variety of techniques and build their painting skills as they create their own masterpieces.  All artist quality materials provided in our guided lessons.  No experience needed!

          August 26-30 - Full Day (6-11 year olds) - Off The Wall - 3 D art - Kidz Art Goes Off the Wall with Modern Art! Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse take us on a journey of 2D and 3D Modern Art. Lessons are designed to introduce students to new mediums and ideas, develop their self-confidence and help them find their own true artistic voice. Students will be encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of mediums, including three-dimensional sculpture, unique surfaces and more. If your child likes getting messy and loves art, this experience will be sure to delight!


Scuba Camps - PADI Seal Team Aqua Mission

Ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive? This is the camp for you. Campers will start the week learning the basics of scuba diving and going through a safety orientation. They will then get in our pool and put their skills to use. Each day has goals, games and skills where campers earn points towards PADI certification.

Sessions offered:

August 19-23 - Half Day Afternoon (8 - 15 year olds)

August 26-30 - Half Day Afternoon (8 - 15 year olds)


Circus Camp  

Campers will learn the athleticism and artistry of circus and theater performance in this fun and high energy camp. They will develop a sense of confidence and build skills on any level - from process to performance. Campers will work towards producing a performance to be put on the last day of camp! Circus camp is run by Sean Fagan, director of Circus Theatricks 

Sessions offered:

August 19-23 - Full Day, Beginner Level (7 - 15 year olds) - new students only!

August 26-30 - Full Day, Advanced Level (7-15 year olds) - returning students only!


Capital Region Basketball Boot Camp  

Join the area's top skills development camp! Spend the day learning skills, running drills and having fun. All campers will receive a t-shirt and basketball.

Sessions offered:

July 8-12 - Full Day - (9 -15 year olds)

August 19-23 - Full Day - (9 - 15 year olds)

August 26-30 - Full Day - (9 - 15 year olds)

Challenger British Sports Camp 

Learn from the Brits themselves! Learn skills and practice drills from various British - style sports. Increase gross motor skills and coordination all while having fun. Sports include tag, rugby, kwik cricket, rounders and netball.

Sessions offered:

August 19-23 - Half Day Morning (5 - 14 year olds)

August 26-30 - Full Day (7 - 14 year olds)


Challenger British Soccer Camp 

Learn from the Brits themselves! Learn skills and practice drills as well as participate in games. Receive a challenger sports soccer ball and t-shirt.

 Sessions offered:

August 19-23 - Half Day Morning (5 - 14 year olds)

August 26-30 - Full Day (7 - 14 year olds)


Troy Art Center - Wearable Art & Fashion Design 

Art isn't just something to hang on the wall. what about the art that's hanging in your closet, or around you neck? In this week long camp you will concentrate on making art that you can wear. Using a variety of art materials, you will create fashionable design illustrations, unique wearable art, and fashion accessories. At the end of camp, bring your ideas to life during the fashion show. 

Sessions offered:

August 5-9 - Full day (8 - 11 year olds)


Jai Albany Yoga

Session Offered:

         August 26-30 - Half Day Morning  (3 - 5 year olds)

        Preschool age campers will learn breathing, exercises, yoga postures, and do story telling with movement, guided meditations and fun yoga games. Will build healthy habits as the children prepare for the school year ahead!


Afternoon Post Camp at the JCC

After a fun filled morning at your specialty camp, spend the afternoon at the JCC. Play games, sports and run around our playground. Recreational swim from 3 - 4pm each day. Afternoon post camp runs 12 - 4:30pm each day and is for 5 - 11 year olds.

Sessions offered:

August 19-23 and August 26-30