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The wonderful programs that we have at the Albany JCC are largely supported through generous gifts from individuals and corporations.  Those gifts can be made in a variety of ways.  Please click on the links below to find the area that interests you most.  And, thank you for thinking of us today!

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When we think about what fuels our passion and involvement with the JCC, it is that JCC has such a profound presence in so many people’s everyday life. The impact the JCC has is not theoretical; generations have been touched by its programs and by its mission. Lives have been changed for the better, communities strengthened, and friendships nurtured.

Being present in the lives of others is more important now than ever. As we combat the negative effects of the ongoing pandemic such as social isolation and increased stress, it made us wonder: was the JCC still as present? For someone like Julie, we were:

“I was thrilled when the JCC reopened. I’ve been a member for a long time and the JCC provides me with a sense of community. During the lockdown, I missed the routine of the gym as well as my interactions with other members. Being able to use the gym again is a huge boost to both my physical and mental health. I’ll never take the fitness center for granted again!” -Julie H.

The JCC has always practiced the art of being present, focusing on the needs of the community first. So after a thoughtful closure at the beginning of the pandemic, we reopened to provide childcare to the children of essential workers. Then all children. When we got the go-ahead to run camp, even under stricter guidelines, we rose to support the community. We pivoted to find ways to stay present in people’s lives. We reopened our fitness center and our pools while meeting and exceeding the safety protocols.

“I was so worried about how Gus would react after so much time away, but I shouldn't have worried. The JCC Early Childhood Center makes each child feel cherished and loved. Staff and teachers show up for our kids every day, even in the face of uncertainty and a global pandemic, and help make their lives brighter, happier, and more fun.” –Katherine B.

We were creative. We were imaginative. We began and continue to provide virtual programs, like those of the National Jewish Literary Consortium, which we joined. That opened up possibilities for members and users to hear some of the finest authors of the land. Here in Albany, we are partnering with the Shalom Food Pantry to address issues of food insecurity. We move forward.

 Not every organization made or could make the choice to reopen as we did. Our virtual programming provided outreach within the safety of homes and reopening was our commitment to being present to a community in need. So our choice to reopen was really no choice at all. We would discuss how to open in the safest way possible, but we were going there.

 There is a cost. Our community has been fortunate that for the most part, the JCC has been self-sustaining through its programs, that fundraising was additive but not critical. But not in the age of COVID-19. Expenses are down, but revenue is down more. We are experiencing a funding gap.

 So we hope you will join in supporting our JCC, our community. We hope you see and know the value of being present in people’s lives. Our tradition teaches that we are each responsible, one for another. The JCC does that every day. We hope you will as well.


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