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Presented by OMJCC/National JCC Adult & Senior Alliance.

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Terrific Tastings: Rustic Artisan Crisps on Sunday, July 11th from  5-6:15pm (ET) on Zoom

Order by Sun, June 27! 

Let us deliver to your doorstep a curated, discounted collection of Rustic Artisan Crisps; so flavorful and delicious, they don’t even need cheese! However, feel free to pick up some cheese(s) – recommendations sent closer to the tasting date – then, join a fun & interesting discussion and a guided tasting of these tasty treats! For details & tickets, click here. 

Terrific Tastings: Bountiful BBQ Beef  on Sunday, August 1 from 3-4:15pm (ET) on Zoom

Order by Sun, July 18th! 

Let us deliver a curated collection of delicious Kansas City BBQ beef, sauce (and maybe another goodie) to your doorstep. Then, join a delicious discussion & even more delicious guided tasting for Sunday brunch or Sunday supper (depending on your time zone) with culinary host James Sokol and a special guest Head Chef who has spent countless hours on the barbecue pit, working to achieve the delicate balance between heat, smoke and fire that is responsible for creating some of Kansas City’s most famous barbecue.  For details & tickets, click here. 

Terrific Tastings: Appealing Aperitifs on Sunday, August 15th from 5-6:15pm (ET) on Zoom

Order by August 1! 

Owners & Co-Founders of Jardesca, Roger Morrison and Marshall Dawson wanted to make an aperitif that wasn’t just from California but actually tasted like California, sunny, bright and refreshing. After years of experimenting, they discovered the perfect balanced blend that captured "California in a bottle!" Let us ship to your doorstep two bottles of Jardesca – one white, one red – then, join culinary host James Sokol and special guest Roger Morrison for a discussion, guided tasting & mixology class with these light and delicious aperitifs! For details & tickets, click here. 

Interested in more programs? Click here to view Still Traveling.  Please email for assistance. 

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